Open Wegrace Cup

In 2019 we will ride in the OW Cup competition with 3 different classes 1000cc and 2 classes 600cc and the ONK SuperCup 300. In 2019 the ONK SuperCup 300 will ride in combination on the TT circuit Assen with the ONK ProCup 600. Starts for the ONK SuperCup 300 in Germany and France may not be guaranteed at this time.

OW Cupklasse Age limit Laptime TT circuit Assen
ONK Supersport 300 From 13 year  
ONK ProCup 600 From 15 year Slower than: 1.51.0 min. 
ONK SuperCup 600 From 15 year Faster than: 1.50.9 min.
ONK SportCup 1000 From 17 year Slower than: 1.52.0 min.
ONK ProCup 1000 From 17 year Between: 1.51.9 min. - 1.49.0 min.
ONK SuperCup 1000 From 17 year Faster than: 1.48.9 min.


OW Cup Licence

To participate in the OW Cup you will need an Open Wegrace Cup racelicence. This can be a yearlicence or a daylicense. With a daylicence you can participate in maximum 3 events a year. Riders that are in possession of a roadrace licence from a foreign federation will need an
OW Cup day- or yearlicence to compete in the OW Cup competition.

You can apply for a licence on this website. If you did not have a roadracing licence for motorbike races before, or have not been active in any motorbike races in the last 3 years, you have to follow the racelicence course. CRT will organise this course on Friday April 5th, one day before the first OW Cuprace of this year on Saturday April 6th. The CRT racelicence course consists of practical and theoretical components and a short written examination on flagcodes. The practical sessions focus on respect, circuit tracking, braking points, observation techniques and starting procedures. Theory focusses on subjects such as flagcodes, track conduct and racing day processes.

Wearing of proper leather one piece racing overall, back protector, leather gloves and leather riding boots with proper ankle protection is compulsory during the CRT racelicence course. In addition you need to be wearing an integral helmet which meets ECE.22.05 safety standards.

You can also attend the licencecourse with Trackdays4all, TOMS and Speedweek by Wilco Zeelenberg. Please send the certificate you receive from the organisation to the OW Cup organisation if you want to apply for an OW Cup licence. 

The OW Cuprace program in the Netherlands consists*
– one qualification session of 15 minutes
– one qualification session of 20 minutes
– race over 40 minutes
*Disregarding mishaps.


CRT licensecourse                                 
OW Cup-yearlicense                           € 160,00 (yearly)
OW Cup-daylicense                              €   25,00 (a day) max 3 events
Registrationfee                                     €   50,00 (yearly)
Entreefee OWC Assen type 3 noiseday     (including rental transponder if you need one)
Entreefee OWC Assen type 2 noiseday    

Entryfee Oschersleben                           
Entryfee Dijon et Prenois                       
Entryfee Zolder                                     

Pitbox Assen box per day  (Please also note the deposit amounts € 100,00, payable on collection of the key)       

Physical inspection is not always needed for participate in OW Cupraces, depends on the information provided on the CRT Medical inspection.

Entry fees are deducted from your nominated bank account at about three weeks before the event. As soon as the direct debit was successfull you get a confirmation of your registration on the chosen date by email.
Registration of International riders occurs by order of their application arrival date.
However, OW Cup yearlicence holders get preference over riders with an OW Cup daylicence only.

Return subscription

  • Cancellations of a race can be made up to 3 weeks before the event minus administration costs of € 50,00.
  • Cancellation from 3 to 1 week period before an event will result in refund of 50% of the entry fee.
  • Cancellation from 1 week period before an event will result in no refund.

In cancellation cases due to bad luck, falls, motorbike damage or for whatever other reason, no refund of entry fees applies.

Exception: riders who will be injured or have motorbike damage 1 week before the event during a CRT Trackday or OW Cuprace can apply for a partly refund.