The OW Cup races are intended for general competitors. This includes all motorbike racers who want to participate in racing series without too many expenses. However, be aware of the fact that every level of motorbike racing can certainly not happen without costs.

Bike riders who want to have a go at riding in a race, or want to become a general competion racer, can do this in the OW Cup competition. Emphasis in these competitions lies on conviviality, sporting competitiveness on the track and on building friendships in the paddock. However, the OW Cup organisation does ensure that this all happens in a well organised and professional way. For her general sporting races nothing is too much either and so timekeeping, technical controls, medical aspects, track officials, race-controll everything also applies to the OW Cup competition.

OW Cupclasses 2019

OW Cupclasses for the year 2019 are:

  • NK SuperCup 300
  • NK ProCup 600
  • NK SuperCup 600
  • NK SportCup 1000
  • NK ProCup 1000
  • NK SuperCup 1000

informatie open wegrace cup

OW Licencing

All aspiring participants without an OW Cup licence who would like to start racing and have never had a road racing licence before, need to complete a one-day-racelicence-course first. This course is conducted by CRT and will be held on Friday 5th April before the first
OW Cuprace of the year on the TT circuit Assen on Saturday 6th April. 

Even if you have not yet done a licence course, you can already apply for the OW Cuplicence through us and also choose a startnumber. Naturally you will only receive your OW Cup licence once you have successfully passed the licencing course

OW Cupraces

Races that are held in the Netherlands and are run mostly on just one day. Qualification runs are held in the morning and actual races in the afternoon. In the Netherlands the OW Cup-races are held at the TT circuit Assen. Other OW Cup races are also organised in Germany at Oschersleben, France at Dijon et Prenois and Belgium at Zolder. Races in Germany en France are two day events.

Dynamic and static noise limit

Each participating motorbike must be in perfect mechanical and technical order and produce no more noise than public roads approved noise levels. Each rider is personally responsible for perfect conditions of her / his motorbike.
The total of the dynamic noise levels for each motorbike are measured for each lap on the back straight and should be limited to 101 dBa maximum.
Please pay serious attention to this 101 dBA, the TT circuit Assen uses this rule strictly.
Static noise limit is 102,9 dB.