Endurance 501 of Assen

For some years now the OW Cup organisation has also organised an endurance/long distance race on the TT circuit Assen. 

In 2016 there were 56 teams competing in this 501km of Assen. Thanks to a spectacular Le Mans start, this event will be sure to provide an afternoon full of sensational excitement. As is the case for all other OW Cup events is this race for the public also entry free of charge.


Information about the 501 of Assen

  • 1e qualification: 25 minutes
  • 2e qualification: 60 minutes
  • 3e qualification: 25 minutes
  • Every team rider must take part in qualifications
  • Fastest laptimes qualifications determine starting place for the Le Mans start. Each team is provided with just one transponder

 Teams must meet the following requirements

  • Every rider in the team must take part in the race
  • Motorbikes must comply the OW Cup regulations
  • Every rider must have either an OW Cup-yearlicence or OW Cup-daylicence
  • For each team, the same number of riders exchanges need to occur as the numbers of riders
  • Every team has the same number of coloured armbands as the number of riders in the team. Armbands are to be worn for qualification as well as during races
  • For any falls, riders must report to the Medical Centre straight away. Not until cleared by the Medical Team can riders resume racing in the event

Composition of the teams

  • Teams should consist of at least two and at most four riders
  • Teams of two riders: two OW Cuppers or one OW Cupper plus one Inter-rider
  • Teams of three riders: three OW Cuppers or two OW Cuppers plus one Inter-rider
  • Teams of four riders: four OW Cuppers or two OW Cuppers plus two Inter-riders

Click on the next link for the promotion video of the 501 Assen 2016

Promovideo 501 Assen 2016